Industrial supplies

Industrial supplies

To complete our range of mechanical drives, we also study, develop and supply different mechanical components by leading international brands.

Flexident, Flexacier, N-Eupex, Rotex, Rupex, Une, Colmant Cuvelier, Fenner, Renold, Ringspann, Stieber, Stromag, Periflex,…

What do we do?


Spring, teeth and rubber band


Manual, hydraulic and electric.

Special bearings

Ball, spherical roller and cylindrical roller.

Anti-friction bearings

Metal or bi-metal

Freewheels and non-return devices

Normal and centrifugal lift-off.

Speed boxes

With or without inverter.


Drum and disc

Right-angle gearboxes

Normal and zero play

Torque and force limiters

Spring, Ferodo and ball