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ANEM S.A is a metallurgical company founded in 1966 that specialises in mechanical power drive parts.

Thanks to our long-standing record in the sector, we have a team of professionals who are highly experienced in the field of mechanical power drives.

We offer a comprehensive, professional, flexible and personal service, always adapting to our clients’ specific needs. For this purpose we have 4 business areas:

Manufacturing: We manufacture all types of gears according to drawings and have the best team for each project. We also specialise in the manufacture of special mechanical gear reducers and gearboxes.

Engineering:We deliver all kinds of solutions in the field of mechanical engineering related to special designs, technical assistance and modifications to mechanical drives, laser alignments, vibration control analysis and torque calculation.

Maintenance and Repair: We specialise in the repair and maintenance of mechanical gear reducers and gearboxes. We work both from our own specialised facilities and at our clients’ premises.

Industrial Supplies:We deliver a global service to our clients, supplying them with couplings, freewheels and non-return devices, clutches, brakes, torque and force limiters, right-angle gearboxes, gear boxes, bearings and special ball bearings by the main brands.

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